Unable to assign tasks

I am getting an error message while assigning task to this specific user only:


Could you please help to identify the root cause?

Many thanks!

Check if the user has the appropriate permissions e.g. Task Edit


Error usually means that your user account doesn’t have the necessary permissions to perform the task. You might need to check with your UiPath administrator to review and adjust your permissions to enable task assignment.

Hope it helps!!

These are the permissions assigned to the user:


I am able to allocate tasks to other users

has the user access to folder where the task / action form is located?

I have created a new Role (permissions screenshot shared recently) and have assigned it to this user. And yes, the user can access the folder.

hope you are checking permissions for both:

  • the one whi is assigning the task
  • the other one (we assume it is another person) who is get assigned

Yes, the user who is assigning is org admin and has all the admin permissions. He is able to assign tasks to other users.

The issue is with the permissions of the user to whom task has to be assigned.