Unable to Add Machines Following Recent Orchestrator Upgrade

Today we upgraded our On Prem Orchestrator to 21.10.3. Since upgrading it’s not been possible to add Machines to our Live Folder. Currently we are not able to run any automations as no Machines are currently added and now can’t be added has been created.

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Okay @andrew.mcque

Could you please explain it a bit more?

Hi Nithin,

Thanks for responding. Essentially if I try and add machines to a Folder in Orchestrator I get a message saying an error has occurred. I therefore set up any machines in any Folders and in turn can’t run any processes as there are no Machines set up in the Folder.

There’s is no additional information provided in Orchestrator to help me understand what the error is. I’m trying to trequest the server logs at the minute to see if there’s any additional detail in those logs.

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Hey @andrew.mcque

Exactly we need the server event logs to get more idea on the error.


Early signs are that the issue is resolved. UiPath provided a script on Friday to fix machine mappings in the database that were out of sync. We have run this script in Dev and Live this morning and I’m now able to add Machines in the affected folders again so it looks good so far.

The root cause of the issue appears to be that some records were ‘soft’ deleted around the time we set up the Live Orchestrator initially. I understand soft deleted to mean that the machine was marked as delete in one table which removed it from our view in Orchestrator but there was another record elsewhere in the database that also should’ve been marked deleted but wasn’t so we essentially still had a mapping kicking about in the background in the database that wasn’t visible in Orchestrator.

The fix applied was to run an SQL script that identified records marked deleted in one table and not in the other and to mark those records deleted.

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