Can't run the process from orchestrator



Did we double check your configuration with this guide here:

Cheers @Soudios

The error message says you have no machines in the folder. I’m guessing the problem is that you have no machines in the folder.

i Have a machine in the folder but it doesnt work
i don’t why i have this :

Looks like you have the wrong version installed, or it’s not connecting to Orchestrator. Versions of UiPath Robot, Assistant, Studio, and Orchestrator should be upgraded at the same time.


How can i upgrade orchestrator ?

Same way you upgrade anything else. Log into the server as an administrator and run the UiPath installer. But if you don’t know how to do these things, I’m not sure you should try. There can be many things you have to pay attention to, depending on which version you’re coming from.

they folder needs to be checked first

just share screenshot of the folder structure and the settings of the user/group you are running robot on.

Error at the folder view might be a temporary issue, clear the cache and cookie, try opening it again.

In tenant settings you can delete the folder having that machine and sde if u could have the folder created again. That seems like an issue with orchestraror configuration, may be a bug.

Hi @Soudios,

Can you please go to tenant-> folders → select your folder → on right panel, click on machines and send that screenshot? Have you added machine in there?

Even if machine is created but not tagged to folder by going to the folder, this wont work.

And yes please don’t worry about version as “Non Compliant”.

Per confirmation from UiPath team in below link, This message is due to the latest Community version being higher than your current version.
However, This message does not block any functionality though, so should be fine.

Link for your reference(this post talks about the same issue):