UiRobot Disconnected - Robot Unavailable : Robot does not exist

I have plugged in both https://demo.uipath.com/ and https://platform.uipath.com/ and both return a status of “Robot Unavailable” in settings and “Disconnected” in Orchestrator.

Where can I find the correct URL to plug in?

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URLs are correct. I just reconnected and its working fine.
Are your robot details correct? username, pwd and machine key?

The machine key is correct, and the username and pwd between my orchestrator account and my robot match.

Robot username and pwd should be for your system and not your orchestrator login account

To confirm your username - run a whoami in command-prompt

I’m encountering the same issue with my system username and password matching with my robot.

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Can you show me your robot tray and orchestrator? (please mask required details)

can you stop the robot.
Goto %Userprofile%\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.3.2 and start the UiRobot from that location and then try the process?

Could explain more what you mean by “start from that location?”

The robot hasn’t been running.

Its running, i was trying to make you use the latest version of it. But never mind, i tried and it is connecting with old version as well for me.

Is your windows login user BAmdahl?

Yes, my windows login is BAmdahl.

are you on a vpn or anything?

Yes, I’m on a VPN. At my company employees often have to sign on to a VPN.

disconnect from it and then try.

I disconnected and it refresh in the “Robot” page and it still says “disconnected.”

Try disconnect from robot tray and connect again.

in you systemtray is the Ui icon red/blue/white?

It is white.

please try disconnecting and reconfiguring