UiPathTeam.Sharepoint.Activites 1.7.0 Cannot add list item


I am trying to add list items to a sharepoint site. All fields are able to be uploaded except the last field which is a “Person or Group” column type in Sharepoint. Does anyone know how to solve this?

prop_dictionary is of string, of object. I create it from a datatable row with the below expression.

(From column As DataColumn In row.Table.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn)()Select Key = column.ColumnName, Value = row(column.ColumnName)).ToDictionary(Function(x) x.Key, Function(x) x.Value)

UiPath error: Add list item: Invalid data has been used to update the list item. The field you are trying to update may be read only.


Above to the add list item use a WRITELINE activity and see whether value is coming in output panel or not

Based on which we can debug further


Hi, Sorry I was limited screenshots for the post. The value is just an email address. Person column in Sharepoint Lists needs to be uploaded as a “Number” so I was able to solve by finding the number assigned to the email address (in the UserInfo table) and changing the email address to that number before adding the item in the add item activity.