How to add a Person/Group item to SharePoint List

I am trying to add few items to a SharePoint list using Add List Items activity. It has a person/group column of type person. I am providing email id for the person column. But it is not adding any item to person column. Attached screenshot. please help to resolve this issue.

I think the problem could be: If the email address does not exist as a valid user belonging to the SharePoint site where you have your list, it will add blank information in the column, since the column type is person/group and there is no person/group for the informed email it just add blank information.

Here are some suggestions I would try:

  1. You can try to validate the email address to see if it is part of your SharePoint before add it to the list
  2. You can try to check if there is any configuration in this specific column to accept only data of type person/group and see if it throws any error than you can capture the error in a try catch in you “add list item” activity (need to check with some SharePoint specialist to see if there is any configuration :sweat_smile:)
  3. You can keep it simple changing the column type to text, it will not link the user or group to the list, but at least you will save the email address in that column


Try with giving user id instead of name as name/geoup is stored as id in the backend and not thw actual value


Actually, I need to save as person. not just email id. cannot change person type as it is provided by client.

Tried. but didn’t work.


Then your option would be to go with a custom code