Build Datatable and Add to List in Sharepoint

I retrieve an email, take all the data out of the body of the email and then build a data table using Build Data Table and Add Data Table Row. I write the data table to a range to make sure that the columns and data line up which they do. The problem is that after the process is complete i check SharePoint list and there is nothing there. I am never going to be updating i will only be adding to this list. When I build the data table the column headers are named the same as they are in SharePoint

Iā€™m using the 0365 officially package. Any help would be great.

Build Data Table

o365 Scope


Field names of list should be set at not Column name but first row in the datatable, as the following



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This was perfect. I missed that piece in the documentation for the sharepoint activity. I appreciate the help.

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