Interacts with Google Spreadsheet by calling Google API.

Package: UiPathTeam.GoogleSpreadsheet.Activities
Author: @Bogdan_Popescu

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@Bogdan_Popescu do u have any sample workflow how to use this activity or any documentation.

Hi @Santosh_Chhotaray,

Here are some guidelines for using Google Spreadsheet Activities

1. Google Sheet Application Scope

a) Authentication

To use this app scope you’ll need a google service account, an encryption key and a password to encrypt that key.

b) Spreadsheet calls

To make requests to a Google Spreadsheet you’ll need to specify the SpreadsheetId

2. Read Range

Needs to have specified: Sheet, Range and optional IncludeHeaders
The output of this will be a DataTable object (Result property)
If you don’t specify the Sheet, it’ll use the default sheet of the Google Spreadsheet

3. Write Range

Needs to have specified: Sheet, Range, StartingCell and optional IncludeHeaders
Note: both read range and write should be very similar in usage as the ones from the excel package.


any way to insert new sheets / delete old sheets using this package?

I can use this package for Google Sheets if I do not download beyond column Z using Read Range, so something like “A1:Z450” as a range is fine. If I go “A1:AA450” then I get:

Another similar issue is that irrespective of the number of columns I download, if I check “IncludeHeaders” it throws the same exception.

Is there a workaround for any of these issues?
UiPathTeam.GoogleSpreadsheet.Activities version
UiPath Version Studio 2018.3.0 Community Edition

Hi Bogdan,

I have used authentication type as ApiKey and generated Apikey , added the same in google sheet application scope and used write range to write one data table to google sheet. but getting below error message.


Hi Balaji,

I’m no longer the owner of this activity set.

What I can suggest is getting the latest gsuite package from UiPath’s official nuget feed and work with those.


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