Interacts with Google Spreadsheet by calling Google API.

Package: UiPathTeam.GoogleSpreadsheet.Activities
Author: @Bogdan_Popescu


@Bogdan_Popescu do u have any sample workflow how to use this activity or any documentation.


Hi @Santosh_Chhotaray,

Here are some guidelines for using Google Spreadsheet Activities

1. Google Sheet Application Scope

a) Authentication

To use this app scope you’ll need a google service account, an encryption key and a password to encrypt that key.

b) Spreadsheet calls

To make requests to a Google Spreadsheet you’ll need to specify the SpreadsheetId

2. Read Range

Needs to have specified: Sheet, Range and optional IncludeHeaders
The output of this will be a DataTable object (Result property)
If you don’t specify the Sheet, it’ll use the default sheet of the Google Spreadsheet

3. Write Range

Needs to have specified: Sheet, Range, StartingCell and optional IncludeHeaders
Note: both read range and write should be very similar in usage as the ones from the excel package.


any way to insert new sheets / delete old sheets using this package?


I can use this package for Google Sheets if I do not download beyond column Z using Read Range, so something like “A1:Z450” as a range is fine. If I go “A1:AA450” then I get:

Another similar issue is that irrespective of the number of columns I download, if I check “IncludeHeaders” it throws the same exception.

Is there a workaround for any of these issues?
UiPathTeam.GoogleSpreadsheet.Activities version
UiPath Version Studio 2018.3.0 Community Edition