UiPath with ADRMS

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Anybody have idea about how the Active Directory Rights Management Services handled with UiPath and UiPath robots execution during its execution time.

@Pablito, Please share me the information if you have any on this.

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Could you explain a little bit more your thoughts?


There is a question from my customer’s infra team. How a UiPath robot is safe and when we are working with service accounts for production run we are giving all the necessary access to that service account. So how we can ensure that UiPath robot is handling those access as safe.

As a user I can connect to my virtual machine and able to work with applications as needed. so similar to that how robot is doing and how we can ensure that will not impact the security related stuffs.

Well, basically the UiPath Robot service will have as much privilege as much you will give to it. It’s working the same way as user is working when he run’s Processes on it’s own. The main difference is that service is available always and can trigger automation/processes in unattended way and without need to be even logged in (if it’s fully unattended process). What’s more important is the fact that this service will work only if Orchestrator tenant is being properly set with it and service is being configured to connect to this tennan with proper machine id. So there is no situation that it will start to mess around with anything else that task triggered via Orchestrator as well as nobody can’t use it without having access to the tenant.
If you need more information please also look here:

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