UI Path Robot. Is it a service or a process?

When we run the UI Path Robot, is it going to run as a windows service or a process? Or it can be both (configurable)
I’ve seen instances of this runs as a service as well a process but don’t know how to setup differently.
My client would like to learn more about this due to some security considerations.
Please advise.


This is from my understanding.
You have the UiRobotSvc service that runs on the machine and that’s how the Robot is able to run. Once the job starts, it opens the UiRobot.exe process until the job is finished. If you are running this job unattended through Orchestrator it runs the job the same and only if the UiRobotSvc is running on the machine. The user id for the Robot will need Remote access or Admin authorization on the machine in order to run the job unattended.