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What is the differenece between “Application Instance” and “Single Window”.
Pleas explain in laymans term

Hey @Ritaman_Baral

  • Application Instance refers to the entire application as a whole, which may contain multiple windows or documents opened within the same application.
  • Single Window refers to one specific window within that application, which UiPath can target for specific actions.

Which one to use when ?
Is application instance is the best practice ?

Hard to say. It’s depends on the specific requirements of your automation task.

Single Window:

  • when your automation task is focused on interacting with a specific window of an application.
  • your task involves actions like clicking buttons, entering data etc. from a dialog box or a specific part of the application, targeting a single window makes the automation more direct and straightforward.
  • automations that require dealing with pop-up windows, alerts, or dialog boxes benefit from focusing on single windows.

Application Instance:

  • when your automation involves interacting with multiple parts of an application, not confined to a single window.
  • when your task involves starting up or shutting down an application, you’re dealing with the application instance (opening, using, closing).
  • if you need to change settings that affect the entire application or need to access information that is not specific to one window, working at the application instance level is appropriate.

Choice between using an application instance or a single window approach should be based on the specific requirements of your automation project, with a focus on efficiency, maintainability, and the scope of the task at hand.

Thanks a lot for your explanation and time :slight_smile:

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