Use Application/Browser single/application

Hi Team,
In use application browser we have the option in properties panel Windows attach mode have two option one is single window and Application instance .

What is the best way to use these two propeties?
in what situation we can go the single window and vice versa application instance?

Hi @hm00776818 ,

  • Application instance - Inner activities search the indicated application instance, including all parent and child windows (alerts, popups, etc). Other instances of the application are excluded.
  • Single window - Inner activities search only in the indicated window.

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yes,but can you explain me what is the best way suppose i have login form on this i have 3 controls username and password and login this situation what is the best way to use single window or application instance to search my controls?

eg : if i want to test username exist or not what can i use ?
if i use application instance it will search all windows and its take time?
if i use single window it will take less time because it will directly seacrh particular window

In this case I think Single window will ok

Hi @hm00776818

If you have control over the application’s starting point and can directly open the login form, it’s often more efficient to use “Single Window” mode because it eliminates the overhead of opening and managing the application instance. This can lead to faster execution times.

However, if your automation requires opening the application, navigating to the login form, or if you need to handle multiple instances of the application concurrently, “Application Instance” is the better choice.

In your case, where you want to check if the username exists or not, “Single Window” would be a suitable choice if you can directly target the login form without going through the entire application launch process.

Hope it helps.

yes agree .suppose we are using object repository this object repository have page wise controls.
login page have suppose 3 controls userame password and submit
home page two controls products and non products links
first i need to launch logn page after login it will navigate to home page can you give me your suggestion to go with best practice in this situation.because i am individually use single window page concept here.
can you give me idea where we can use application instance


Use Single window for page interaction (such as interacting with the username, password, and submit button controls on the login page).

Use Application Instance for Navigation to the other pages.

In your scenario, you are navigating from one instance to another after completing certain steps then you have to use application instance.

If you are using separate use application/browser activity for each instance then you have to use single window.

Hope it helps.

how we can navigate using moder activities there is no specific property to navigate am i right,if we want to navigate again we need to use separate use application browser ?


Navigate browser helps to navigate from one page to another.
And we can use one application/browser for one particular site. Here navigation means one page to another like login page to home page (Browser navigates from login page to home page after successful login).

yes i agree but navigate browser will be the classic am i right i dont want to use any classic activities.
those fuctinality already developed in the use application/Browser

You would need to use Application Instance, if for instance the page launches popups that appear in a new browser window instead of the current one. Just navigating to a different section of the web application is fine using Single Window.

As a general comment, the default one is Application Instance and it should be fine for most use cases. If you need to detect elements only from one window (when you are maybe using multiple browsers in your automation), then you can choose to use Single Window.


Navigate browser is available in modern activities also.

yes its availble may i know how can check exactly these two difference ?i didnt get how to differnetiate these two scenarios


Check this thread for more info: