Can anyone describe this in detail with example?

Hello everyone !
Can anyone explain me this with example.
When should we change this options . Why should we need to change this ?

The Windows Attach Mode option in UiPath is used when you want to interact with a window that is already open. When you use the Attach Window activity in UiPath, you can choose the Attach Type property to specify how UiPath should attach to the window. The available options are:

  • Window Title: UiPath will attach to the window with the specified title.
  • Window Class: UiPath will attach to the window with the specified class name.
  • Process Name: UiPath will attach to the process with the specified name.

When you choose the Windows Attach Mode option, UiPath will attach to the window that matches the specified criteria and perform the desired actions on the window. This can be useful when you want to automate interactions with a specific application or window that is already open on your computer.


Did you check the official document?

Single Window mode is similar (same?) with previous AttachWindow / Borwser activity.
It will search element in the specific window.

Application instance will search element through all the windows in the application instance (process).

As application instance mode is less number of activities than Single window mode in case of switching window, in most case it’s good to choose application instance, i think.



Basically if you choose application instance…then any smaller windows like save as or a pop on on chrome web browser are also considered as the same attach window

On the other hand if you select single window…then all the elements used are search or will work only if it is present on same instance…if a pop up windoes comes on top or a save as window openes then we need to use a separate use application browser to interact with it

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if i can use application instance the problem is whenver we can check element its take time due to it will check multiple windows.
i thik the best purpose whenver some popups will be come that doesnt have any urls like open dial box on that situation we can go with application instnace