UIPath Version upgrade from 2016.2

With multiples options available to upgrade , which one we should opt to upgrade from UIPath 2016.2 version.
Please suggest the versions, if you have migrated to the same and its working fine in term of stability.
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Kindly have a view on this thread

Cheers @syedabidraza

Thanks @Palaniyappan , Can u suggest which version of UiPath is more stable 2018.4 or 2019.4

we have both being stable, always go for the latest 2019.4 as we are anyhow going to upgrade the version for sure
to know the new features with that enterprise release

Cheers @syedabidraza

2018.4.3 is stable, but you are missing out on many good features by not going to one of the 2019 versions. I think 2019.10 is the long term support version, but I am not sure when this plans to be made available.

Either way, you are going to have a lot of work to do going from 2016. Everything about how dependencies work has changed, so you will need to update every single process you have deployed. There could also be many fixes that cause your existing “workarounds” to become obsolete. So, hopefully, your current pool of processes is not too much to update them all. :wink:

I am on version 2.4.2018. My bot no longer works as i am receiving a message that i must upgrade to a higher version. Where can i get the upgrade from?

@melblalock, i think it is best to open a new topic, because this one is talking about 2016.x > 2019.
If you just need the Studio or Robot you can get it from https://platform.uipath.com (resource center).

Or do you need orchestrator as well?

Thank you - this is what i needed - i believe