Downgrade Uipath Version from 2019.1.0 to 2018.4.1

Hello Everyone,

I recently activated Uipath 2019.1.0 community version. However I am not able to use that because of the below issue

In the mean time, I would like to do my activities in the 2018.4 version. Though I have an Uipath Studio setup file (18.4.1), when I double click, it opens the 2018.4.1 version of Uipath studio. However when I try to open it from Start menu–> Type Uipath Studio, it opens the 2019.1.0 which I would like to avoid. How can I make it consistent?

There is only one setup file and it is 2018.4.1 and I have no idea as to why it is launching 2019.1.0 version of Uipath. Can anyone please help?

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Hi @Selvasathappan

The Community Edition has a forced auto-update feature that cannot be deactivated.

As to the error message, it happens because your underlying uipath service was not restarted after the update to the newest version. This is normally resolved by a computer restart after the installation.

As to the versions - the .exe installer you have installs 2018.4.1, but after first launch Studio will download the 2019.1.0 (current version) and automatically update. This means that when you launch it again from the Start menu, it will be 2019.1.0.

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Hello @loginerror,

Can you please help me with the below post?

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Check the Tenant name also… Most of the time folks mess in Tenant…