Versioning Issues on Upgrading Community Edition to Enterprise Edition

Currently, we are developing Robots using UiPath Community Edition 2019.7.0 and plan to update to Enterprise edition. Will the Enterprise edition also be updated to v2019.7.0 or to any other versions?

The above issues or clarification has been raised since UiPath does not support Forward/Backward compatibility

Hi @satchitshekar

Please see here for a detailed article:

In short:

  • process written with 2019.8 is not compatible with earlier versions (i.e. Enterprise 2019.4)
    (this is because older version does not ‘understand’ new features)
  • process written with 2019.4 will have no issue running on 2019.8

If you would like to keep them in sync (Community and Enterprise), you can check out our Insider’s program here:

By joining it, you will have access to the Enterprise installers of each iteration (instead of waiting for big release 2019.10) :slight_smile:


Thanks for your quick response @loginerror Maciej.

Now, if i enter the license key on 2019.7.0 community edition, what version of enterprise edition will UiPath pick up?

Actually, the version will stay the same and the auto-update will get disabled given it will be now licensed as Enterprise.

The only side-issue I can think of is that the community exe installer installs the robot service per user, which means your unattended options will be limited
(unattended automation relies on the machine-wide service installed and working on the machine even when all users are logged out; this way Orchestrator can RDP to any user via this service)

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