UiPath Version 7.1 .5253.0 and 64 bit OS platform

Does anybody have an issue related to UiPath version 7.1.5253.0 running on 64 bit OS ?

We have purchased UiPath unlimited licence back in the days of Deskover (around 2014). Not sure why we can’t get actual technical support or how to get in touch with anybody from the UiPath tech support. In order to reach out, this is the only option we have
Basically, we have used it for over 5 years on over 100 machines for simple “screen scrape”.
Now, IT decided to finally upgrade OS platform to 64 bit and our version does not work.
Error we get from UiWizard (we are using fully licenced Studio) is
“An error appeared while checking IE version”
We are using IE v 8 and it can not be changed due to highly controlled operation environment.
If anybody knows potential solution or have experienced similar issue, please let me know.
Thank you.

As an enterprise customer, you can get in touch with Tech Support via this form.

Unfortunately, it does not work for us.

For whatever reason our licence number is not validating. So it doesn not work. Tried it several times today.
We received UiPath.lic file directly from UiPath (Deskover) and that file needs to be copied into v7 folder of UiPath installation program.
Not sure why activation number,enclosed within the licence file, is not accepted by UiPath.

Thank you very much for your replay. I greatly appreciate it.

@ovi might be able to help out here.

Hi @J_P

Please contact our support via the form for licensing support here:

This form does not require you to fill in your license code and should be the best fit.

Please provide them will all the details. We do not want anyone to be feeling left out of support, as long as it is specified in your agreement.