Telephone support? Licensing issue

Any idea on how to reach telephone support? Seems like for such an expensive software, there is very lacking phone support. I’ve been having license activation problems since last week. Emailed our contact (Razvan) and he’s out of the office. So we’re basically stuck.

The NY office doesn’t even take a voicemail anymore - mailbox is full. Overall the support is very poor for how much we spend. The funny thing is the circular linking from their Contact Us page to the Resource page to Customer Support and back to Contact Us.

Our issue is that we bought 280 licenses, and have 272 in use, but UIPath is telling us we cannot activate more licenses. Do we need to deactivate licenses from old machines or when we do an upgrade of the software or OS? If so, how do we deactivate?


Hi Etan, you should be able to open a support ticket here. The same should happen (link is the same) if you click the Customer Support link under the resources page. Isn’t that working?

Thanks. It’s interesting - I will go submit a support ticket. Is the culture at UIPath to redirect customer to submit a ticket, instead of helping them solve the problem?

Also, tried calling the NY office 800#, no one picks up, and the mailbox is always full.

Support is bad. No way to spin this.

Hello Etan,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Can you explain in detail your issue? perhaps we can help you out in this forum :slight_smile:


Just an opinion, but for licensing stuff it’s best to just leave it to direct contact UiPath<>Customer.
While forums are good for helping with usage scenarios and generally coding stuff; contracts and licensing, activations etc. are IMHO best to be left out of it. We’re a non-party for these particular issues and thus can’t help.


Just as a sidenote, as YMMV, I’ve found creating a ticket and then contacting directly (if it’s urgent) to be working best - either through dedicated people or, if not available, through support chat.
It’s also easier for the responding person if they get info that ticket 12345 needs urgent attention, as it can be immediately shown to the relevant people and there’s less room for misunderstandings.

Good luck in solving your issue.


@andrzej.kniola Noted, thanks for the advice.


Hi Team,

While running the UI Path, I am unable to capture the checkbox.
Whereas sometimes it is working accordingly and few times its just showing errors.
Kindly give me your support for the capture of the checkbox.
NOTE: Application is developed in Java

Here I am attaching few screenshots.