Issues with UIPATH activities


I have recently installed licensed version of UIPATH(v2018.3) in my machine. When I try to search for any activity or I try to write anything in the message box or I try to write anything inside any activity it doesn’t show me what I am writing. I have to write it in notepad first and then I paste the same in UIPATH. Has anybody faced any such issue or does anybody know how I can get rid of this issue.


Yes, I also faced this kind of issue some days back with community edition but not with Enterprise edition. What I did that time I have restarted my UIPath Studio.

Can you please update it to latest version of studio as you said it was Licensed. You can also contact UIPath support team for this issue.

I have tried restarting multiple times, still the issue exists.
When you say that I can update to latest version, can you help me with the steps for doing the same.


uninstall previous version of UIPath studio and download latest version from here and then install it.

This one gives me option to try trail version. Can I install from here and later give the same licence code which I used earlier.


Yes download it from here and then install it. Click on “Activate License” and enter License code to activate it.

I have raised 3 requests already but I am yet to receive the mail with the link for downloading the latest version


Please check mail once in Spam or Promotions folder.


You can follow the link you have received by mail when you get your first UIPath installer.
Download the file installer it will be the latest.


No it is not there as well.

The first time I have installed from the exe file shared by my seniors with me.


Are you using Personal or Corporate mail ID ?

Corporate mail id


I think your company is blocking these mails. You can do one thing register from personal mail and forward it to your business mail.