Community edition - license renewing problem


First of all, my apologies if it sounds like a redundant topic but I couldnt find a post on the forum that would address directly the issue I’m having here.
To give a bit of context, my computer crashed while using UiPath on Saturday, and when I relaunched it (and reopened UiPath), the following windows popped up:

After investigating a bit on the forum, I understood this is a problem with UiPath licensing tool that couldnt recognize my license. I tried to renew it using this ling :
but it did not help.
Afterwards I uninstalled UiPath completely and reinstalled it (latest version, I was working on a previous version before that). When opening UiPath after that, I had this message popping up:

I’m a bit confused since I followed my company guidelines to install the community version and none of my colleagues experiences an issue like this one :confused:

I’d appreciate any help here, I wish to continue using UiPath as I have several projects working on.

Thanks in addance,

Hi @v_sp. I’m having the same problem as you. Have you been able to sort yours out?