UiPath upgrade version from 2020.10 to 2022.4 or 2022.10

We are looking to upgrade UiPath version from 2020.10 to 2022.4 or 2022.10 , i would like to know if any of you done similar upgrade and share their experience. Is there any activity is new in new version of uipath or no need to change any of the existing activities to compatible with new version

  • Should we go for 2022.4 or 2022.10 version? Pros and cons of going to latest version
  • What is our understanding on impact of this migration (from 2020.10 to 2022.X) based on industry experience?

Hey @prem.anand2

22.10 is not yet released right ? You are mentioning the right version here ?


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Yes, There are lot of new things were added in 22.7. You can check the added things here

As of now we have the 22.4 Stable version…

You can download the Preview version from here…


You can download the stable version from here…



  1. It’s better to install the 22.4(Stable one)

once the Preview comes to Stable we can Download the 22.7

If you wants to try the Preview version still you can install it.


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Have a look at the below link