Is this possible with UiPath community?

I’d like to know if it is possible to things on UIpath community before diving in:

  1. read a excel\csv table (only 1 column with more than 100 rows)

  2. Create loop for each row in the table

  3. inside each loop move the mouse and click on certain space

  4. fill the space with the data from column

  5. move mouse once again and click

  6. restart loop until done.

Is this possbile on Uipath free version?

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yes, should be doable:

read range activity

for each row activity

click activity

type into activity

For a first learning / introduction feel free to check out the courses offeren on the uiPath Academy for free

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Let’s go one by one

Yes we can use excel based activities and csv activities to read xlsx and csv files

  1. This can be fine with for each row activity

  1. These two steps can be done with TYPE INTO activity where mention like this

Make sure you have kept the type into inside the loop

  1. This will be done automatically

Cheers @Artur_Dutra_Araujo

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