UiPath Tutorial: Build an AI Chatbot with UiPath Forms & OpenAI Integration Service

Hello Community,

In this latest video on the RPA Vanguard channel, we are combining a couple of latest UiPath product features to built a GPT3 based AI Chatbot.

  1. The Event-based Forms of the new Attended Automation Framework
  2. The Open AI Integration Service Connector

This is an end-to-end walkthrough of the full build. One of the things I love about the new forms is that we can use it to build standalone applications in addition to use them to work collaboratively with the host applications being automated.

The video covers the following:

  1. 0:00:00 - Intro
  2. 0:00:18 - PROLOGUE
  3. 0:03:35 - AI CHATBOT DEMO
  4. 0:13:53 - Notable Project Settings :point_left:
  5. 0:18:39 - Launching the Main Chatbot UI Form
  6. 0:31:03 - The Chatbot Form Design
  7. 0:43:13 - Integrating AI Functionality
  8. 1:02:16 - Working with Child Forms
  9. 1:09:46 - Clearing out Form Values
  10. 1:13:11 - Properly Close Form & End Process :point_left: :point_left:
  11. 1:15:57 - EPILOGUE

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