Where we can use ChatGPT with UiPath?

How to use ChatGPT with UiPath? Please provide some sample usecase for chatGPT with UiPath?


please check this example


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You can refer to here:

Hi @fernando_zuluaga,

ChatGPT api is yet to be released, you can only use WebAutomation for now using UiPath.
For e.g., Ask for input from user and using Open browser, type into in ChatGPT portal.

Note: All resources in youtube saying ChatGPT api integration with UiPath are for OpenAI’s other NLP models like Davinci3… they are not for ChatGPT api.


So here are few use cases that I can think of

  1. Can be used for spell check…you can send the data that you get and use chatgpt for checking
  2. Can use for writing emails …as of now most of the times we go with a standard format of emaila but with chat gpt we can try getting different formats everytime and send email
  3. As of now say you need to check some conditions which are in string format like a>b we have to write a case statement check what is the condition and then accordingly extract data and write the output…again this works only for know conditions…so even for this we can use chatgpt …we can send the condition that we read to chat gpt and get the response …so that bot can perform more tasks now with less conditions

There are more as such

Hope this helps


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Check out Openai.com

Create you API key

Check out this sample XAML file

ChatGPT.xaml (10.1 KB)

Note : You need to update the API in the Workflow


Hello @BNK

You will find many videos of integrating ChatGPT along with UiPath on YouTube. Recently @nisargkadam23 posted a video Six Life saving tricks for UiPath RPA developers using ChatGPT on his YouTube channel.

He discusses six ways that ChatGPT can help simplify life for RPA developers. These include helping with regular expression creation, Excel VB macro creation, SQL queries, chron expression creation, C# code invocation to generating test data for AI Center.

Thanks and Regards,
Ruchir Mahajan.


“error”: {
“message”: “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.”,
“type”: “insufficient_quota”,
“param”: null,
“code”: null

i am facing this error while running


that means that you exceed the free number of request per day, you should pay if you want more

I haven’t run atleast once.

That means the key which we are using is expired need to generate a new key is that what you are saying?

well thats weird, but maybe the key has expired, so try generating it again

Hi, i tried with new key as well still the same issue I am facing. Any solution for this please?

Here you have a lot of ideas (all the use-case are on my youtube channel):


The workflow was easy to follow.
I have exceeded my quota, I could’t complete

The workflow was easy to follow.
I have exceeded my quota, I could’t complete