UiPath Trigger Feature Suggestion

Hello All,

With the upgrade in Orchestrator 21.4.0, the flexibility of running triggers have expanded more than ever. With that also involves more clicks to set-up the trigger. I would like to propose the development team to create a “Duplicate trigger” option within the selection box in More options (Three dots to the right of the selected trigger).

This proposed option will navigate to the create trigger screen with all the settings set of the already existing trigger where you can simply rename the trigger and possibly change a few things such as the cron expression or timezone in that new trigger. user-machine pairings should also be auto-configured. You will still need to submit to actually create the trigger.

My current issue is having to do this many times. Especially when my cron expression is so unique and spans multiple timezones (Such as 3rd Friday of the Month at 8 AM):
CRON - 0 0 8 ? 5/3 FRI#3 *

I agree with it.

Thank you for the detailed suggestion @Shawn_Ngoh

I’ve pushed it to our internal tracker for Orchestrator team consideration :slight_smile: