Orchestrator trigger run

How to dynamically control the time in which the orchestrator trigger executes?

You need to check this documentation:

Thanks @marian.platonov …i have an excel file which has different times in which we need to execute the schedule…is it possible to execute the schedule based on the time specified in the excel file?

You can do that by performing a POST Rest API call for ​/odata​/ProcessSchedules

Example of payload:

  "Name": "Test_trigger",
  "Enabled": true,
  "StartStrategy": 1,
  "SpecificPriorityValue": null,
  "JobPriority": null,
  "RuntimeType": "Unattended",
  "InputArguments": "{}",
  "ResumeOnSameContext": false,
  "StopProcessExpression": "",
  "RunAsMe": false,
  "IsConnected": false,
  "UseCalendar": false,
  "StartProcessCronDetails": "{\"type\":0,\"minutely\":{\"atMinute\":1},\"hourly\":{},\"daily\":{},\"weekly\":{\"weekdays\":[]},\"monthly\":{\"weekdays\":[]},\"advancedCronExpression\":\"\"}",
  "StartProcessCron": "0 0/1 * 1/1 * ? *",
  "ExecutorRobots": [],
  "ReleaseId": 642942,
  "ReleaseName": "ActionsExample",
  "TimeZoneId": "GTB Standard Time",
  "StopProcessDate": null,
  "ExternalJobKey": "",
  "MachineRobots": []

Results in Orchestrator:

More details here:


No, because the Job has to be running in the first place to read the Excel file.