UiPath Test Suite connector for Jira Cloud

Doesnot look like a test manager connector for Jira cloud version is in market place as of now.


Is it correct understanding? How to enable or procure this?

A connector for Jira Cloud will be available soon.

@Gernot_Brandl : Thanks. How can I raise defects from Test Suite as integration between test manager and Jira cloud is not established. Is there any workaround or just to wait for cloud connector release?

The only way to work around this, would be to use the webhook conncetor. But I guess it is worth waiting for the Jira Cloud integration. It won’t be too long :slight_smile:

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@anob : Thanks for sharing the details.

In project settings, I am able to setup integration with Jira cloud but same settings need to setup from Jira Cloud end as well. It was not done because connector release will be coming soon.

Do you have details to setup using SDK or intermediate service?

@Gernot_Brandl : Do we have any documentation to setup integration connection this using webhook?

@anob @Gernot_Brandl : Is it possible to implement CI/CD with Github Actions & Test Suite (instead of Jenkins with Test Suite). Share your thoughts

@Sonalk: It should work. You can design a build pipeline with Github. Your Pipeline should deploy to your Orchestrator where Test Suite is running and then trigger test case, if its a success you can publish to Prod Orchestrator.