Connect UiPath Test Manager (on-prem) with Jira Cloud

Hi folks,
I would like to connect my on-prem UiPath Test Manager infrastructure with a Jira Cloud environment, so that the appropriate requirements are synchronized. On the Jira environment the Test Manager app is already installed and the Jira cloud intregration in the Test Manager could be installed without any problems. However, no requirements, tasks etc. are synchronized.
Do you have any instructions on how to connect an on-prem UiPath infrastructure to Jira Cloud?
Your support is very appreciated.

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Sometimes synchronization can take some time. Still nothing to see?

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Objects are only getting synchronized when they are created and if under sync, when updated. You can issue the task “Sync with Test Manager” to enforce synchronization of objects which are not under sync.


No unfortunately not. In the meantime several hours and days have already passed.

I have already discovered the function to enforce the sync via Jira itself, but I receive the following error.

Please check the configuration. Especially if the Test Manager URL and the API key are korrect.

Furthermore, I have discovered the following http error 409. Are you familiar with this one?

# Result Protocol Host URL Body Caching Content-Type Process Comments Custom
133 409 HTTPS ****** /gateway/api/engage-targeting/api/v2/user/ae53fe61-cc08-4090-b679-65747b69f891/messages/jira-insights-onboarding-tour-base/start 139 no-cache, no-store, max-age=0, must-revalidate; Expires: 0 application/json msedge:9020

This error seems not related to Test Manager

@MarkusBehnisch Can you connect with your Jira or network team? Ist there maybe something which blocks the connection from cloud to onprem?

After consulting with UiPath engineers, the setup I mentioned with Jira Cloud and an on-prem Test Manager is technically not possible. Provided that the Test Manager does not have a public IP Address.
The integration of an on-prem test manager with a private IP was put on the agenda by UiPath.

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