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Hi all ,
I am trying to change the date every time . while running bot.i want the previous date.
Please, anyone suggest the workflow.

Sure we can use type into activity with this in input string

Cheers @Sharmila

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Hi @Palaniyappan,
Type into is not work with teamviewer.
can u please suggest any other method.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Sharmila,

Could you please try to use [CV Type Into] Activity
or using [Click Image] to point field before [Type Into]

I hope it would be useful for you :blush:

so we can try with other methods available
send hot key with key as tab that helps us to navigate across fields. So use n number of send hot key with key as tab that requires us to get to the field we want
–once after reaching we can finally use a type into activity without selecting any element and pass the input to be typed

or is that date field is not taking any input by typing…is it so
Cheers @Sharmila

Thanks for your idea @Palaniyappan
I used hot key with left arrow,so that the date will be changed to pervious date.
so that finally i got my output…:smiley:

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Hi @Palaniyappan
How can i save the file with pervious date?

please help me out

yah while saving the file use this as expression for filename

Cheers @Sharmila

okay @Palaniyappan,
But in which activity do u want me to use.
For ur info i am working with teamviewer.
Thanks in advance

type into activity

No result…:persevere:

dont select any selector with type into activity
kindly follow the same way we did earlier like use send hot key with key tab that takes us to that field and then try to type the string without selecting element

Cheers @Sharmila

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