On premise UiPath and Automation Hub

Hello all,

I´ve searched the forum for updates on Automation Hub integration with On-premise installations of UiPath, but the latest update is over a year old.
Is it possible today to integrate Automation Hub with on-premise Orchestrator? Are there plans to implement that functionality or to release an on-premise version of Automation Hub?


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That’s exactly what I am searching for right now as well.

Answers will be much appreciated!

I am also in search of an answer to the same question. According to the UiPath Automation Hub site, you must request access to Automation Hub, for an Enterprise license (not sure if this applies to cloud/on-prem). I submitted a ticket to the UiPath Support team about a month ago and they have been unable to help me get this feature activated. They are showing our license as being a Community license, which is not the case. Does anyone have any experience getting AH up and running with an Enterprise license?

Yep, the same question.

Honestly, I do not see why you would integrate Orchestrator with Automation Hub