Difference between Enterprise edition and Community edition


We are new to RPA, we are just confused between UiPath Community edition and enterprise edition, can any one please share the information regarding this. I think we get only studio with community edition but in license agreement we can access orchestrator , how can we achieve this?. we get both studio and robot with enterprise edition but what about the orchestrator. Please share the info , it would be helpful to us. if any one, it would be appreciated .:smiley:

please go through these links



I am not seeing any csv related action in community edition. Please let me know whether Excel reading possible in community edition. Thanks.

@sultankamar its possible.

please install packages from manage packages at right top of activities panel

you can install some more missing packages by downloading from nuget and configure them

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@pathrudu Thanks a lot for your quick response. I am able to see it now.

The other help which i required is that how to run the job using windows scheduler on what we create in the UI Path Studio.

@sultankamar please go through the following

@sultankamar UiPath Orchestrator .Register as a tenant in provided link.You will get access to demo orchestrator where you schedule and run process.

i think there is no schedule a task in new enterprise edition …that will be replaced by orchestrator!!!

Hi @pratap

It is true that the native support of scheduling the task was moved to Orchestrator. It doesn’t matter, however, that it is impossible to do. I am sure you will find enough support on the forum to get it working :slight_smile:

Does anyone else know the answer to this question. The UiPath website is not too clear.