Uipath studio x condition builder IF

I want to automate process of downloading tweets. If there is a new tweet, download it. if not refresh twitter.
How can i do it with condition builder If? Please help.

I think the structure should be like this.

But i but i don’t know what to put in the condition.

Hi @w_abj ,

I did not understand the exact requirement. The best way to implement any requirement is to automate your manual steps using Uipath.

In this case how do you recognise manually if you get new tweet or whatever. For suppose you could use get text activity and get the text and use the text in if condition like Outputtext = something you can go for then or go for else condition in our case refresh.

Second method use check app state activity in studiox indicate your ui element that can represent new then go to positive flow or negative flow some thing like that.

I suggest you to complete the citizen developer course in uipath academy to get better idea on your automation. Thanks.


For refreshing the page in browser you can use f5 by using send hotkey. And did you know that we’ve separate shortcut keys for twitter you can utilize those keys to achieve your requirement

If you wants to get the tweets to your excel just scrape the data after searching for Elon Musk tweets.

After you get the tweets to the excel you can filter it based on your requirement

Have a view on this

Copy Link from Twitter to Excel