Copy Link from Twitter to Excel

Hi @THIRU_NANI , did you have a solution for your twitter link? Can you share it with me? I cannot send you a message so I just made a new topic. Sorry. Newbie here. The link for your post is shown below. Thank you.

Hi! @keenoman,

Yes I have got the solution. Please follow the below steps…

  1. You have to apply for the developer options follow the link

  2. You may get the approval from twitter within 2 to 3 days.

  3. You will get the details of Accesssecret,AccessToken,ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret To your mail.

  4. inside your studio add this package Connector.Twitter.Activities.

  5. You’ll get the Twitter Id for each post after you mentioned the search key in Get Tweets Activity

I hope this will works for you.


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