Fun Passion Project - can UIPath do these things?

Hi all

I’m 4 days into learning UIPath for work, coming from a non-technical background. I can see how it can be used for personal projects as well!

I am wanting to start a Fan Twitter Bot for a group I follow.

The “how” isn’t so important right now, just wanting to know if the functionality is there to do some stuff below!

I’m wanting my Bot to look for any new Tweets/Facebook posts/Instagram photos/Youtube uploads from certain posters and then share/retweet them.

I’m also wanting it to source a random Youtube video (from certain, pre-defined channels) and share/retweet the, once a day.

From what I have learned from the first 5 lessons in the Academy, it could work?

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Hi @Sheri

It should be possible :slight_smile: And please, do not hesitate to share your success story, it is always nice to see non-business and fun use of our software by the community.

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Thanks! Definitely can’t wait to put it into practice at home as well as at work!

Hi @Sheri,
I’ve done almost similar things for my personal project, but specifically using twitter. The robot will perform search within twitter with predefined keywords, and auto reply the tweet.
The challenge that I face so far;

  1. Twitter is not using pagination, the content is load upon scrolling
  2. It is difficult to keep track the twit timestamp. The format of timestamp each tweet may vary

I wish you all the best, and let us know if you need any help. :slight_smile:

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Did you tried to fetch the tweets using api or just by browser?
Kinda curious.


Hi @megharajky
The tweets was fetch merely using record activities from browser. I believe to make it work efficiently is using api. But like I mentioned earlier, this is just my personal playground to understand the tools capacity in depth.

Ajeed Rahman

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As a non-technical person, I was thinking I could scrape the latest tweet’s timestamp and check if I had “seen” that timestamp before… (writing it into a csv?) and if not, retweet?

I’m very very new, so this is probably a real newbie way of looking at it.


For the Twitter/FB kind of web applications we get the unread notification via API services, have a look at services option in your account settings.
Let me know if it helps.


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Hello Sheri…Any success with this? I’m also trying to figure it out.

Hi! :slight_smile:

Haven’t learned quite a deal about the functionality of UIPath, I have no doubt this is possible! Have I started? No… hahaha. It’s still a thought in my mind, but I haven’t taken up developing processes at home, yet!

No worries…all the best though. I’ve managed to tweet…but extracting tweets from twitter has been a bit of a challenge. Please let me know in case you hack it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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