Error Connecting to Robot Services

Hi all , I am new to UIpath. As I see some references show me that it is possible to have 2 version(2018 & 2019) together and actually I can turn it on. However , Once I try to run my .xaml file in 2019 , it prompts error out “Could not connect to UiPath Robot Service. Make sure the service is started!”

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Actually I turn on 2018 version and it is able to run. I guess it is about my services.msc

Since 2019 version location path is under /AppData Directory and 2018’s is under the above pic path. Any solution that can I change the Path to executable?

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You can restart the uipath studio robot.
Just type in the services.msc

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Hey @phemio

As I know, there can be issues when multiple versions of Studio is installed as some file and folder structures may be different from another versions. I have also seen some problems when having multiple versions.

The best way is to have the only version you require to have and remove the other one…

Btw, why are you having multiple versions?

Hey @phemio, Even i am facing the same problem.

@loginerror I have installed fresh new 2020.10.1 and it gets installed inside Users\App Data\Local folder. I am getting the error as “Error Connecting to Robot Services”.

While trying to start the service from Services pane i am getting the below error:

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Hi @jibanjyoti

If it installs your Studio and Robot in %localappdata%\UiPath, then you are installing your Robot in User Mode (see here for more information).

I would first suggest a computer restart. Then, you will have to look into the Windows Event Viewer to try to figure out what stops the process from being launched. It could be that your machine has some global polices that block the execution.

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Hi @loginerror, What i understood, i should install the UiPath studio in system mode and the community edition doesn’t give the option to choose.
Please suggest me how should i get rid of the issue, The robot service is stopped if started manually.
Error: Couldn’t connect to UiPath Robot service. Make sure the service is started. - i got this from event viewer.

If i need to install it in system mode, i should get the .msi installer which is not a community one. So, essentially i won’t be able to use it after 60 days.

Please help.
@ovi @loginerror

Studio Community Edition should simply work with a user service. Your issue might be related to something going wrong in the installation process. Could you please try a clean install?
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

It is expected for Studio Community Edition to not have the machine-wide robot service under windows services. It simply runs a service locally, for one user.