UiPath Studio - Shortcut for "View Parent"


May I know any keyboard shortcut for “View Parent” as the screenshot attached.
It is currently very time consuming if need to use mouse click to go back to the upper level of activity hierarchy.
Thank you.

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Please see

I think the keyboard shortcut you’re looking for is Shift+Tab.



It seems that Shift+Tab can only work for “Activities panel” but no effect for workflow content panel.
Thank you.

Anyone having solution for this item? Thank you.

If you have this

(Picture from this site: https://itigic.com/da/what-is-menu-key-on-laptop-keyboard-for/ )

Then click the button and “a” (only works with you have “marked” the sequence, you want to view parent)

But a good idea if Uipath could make a “real” shortcut.