UiPath Studio - Shortcuts

Dear all,

Does anyone have a list of the useful shortcut keys for UiPath Studio? For example, “Ctrl + K” can be used in output field to automatically create a new variable; “Ctrl + T” surrounds an activity with try catch; etc.

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Bruno Costa


You can go to %appdata%\UiPath\UiPath/keyboardmappings.xml and see/change all of them there.



@brunoazev and @andrzej.kniola

I was also sharing the same thing but you did this. :slight_smile: :wink:


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Hi all!

When you double-click an activity, the scope of what you see is narrowed down to the target activity and it’s inner activities.

I wonder if there is any shortcut to navigate back to the exact view from where the double-click took place.

I noticed that if I use Backspace when my focus is set on an activity, I will navigate backwards (according to the breadcrumb at the top). But the problem is that sometimes I am working on a middle scope (with its own vars), and don’t know how many Backspaces are necessary to go back to the same view (nor even which step of the breadcrumb I was).
Is there a way of doing this?

It may be a silly thing, but sometimes small helpers improve productivity and make our day right? :wink:

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Thiago Oechsler


but not all shortcut keys are in the “keyboardmappings.xml” file. E.g. “Ctrl + K” is not there.

I would highly appreciated a shortcut key for Expression Editor


Hi @J0ska,

The shortcut keys in the “keyboardmappings.xml” file are the same ones listed in UiPath Studio Guide. These are the shortcuts for Studio strictly. “Ctrl + K” is for activities.

As for the shortcut key for the Expression Editor, unfortunately there isn’t one. You could propose this under the Ideas category.