Hot key for undoing Designer panel selection?

Hey guys, This is a really simple question that i just can’t find any documentation or answer for.

When you double click an activity in a sequence and it takes you into JUST that activity, is there a hotkey to undo that selection and take you back?

for example in the following workflow it starts like this:


I am in parent sequence in the design view, and when i double click any child sequence my screen just enters the child sequence and just shows the child sequence

Is there a keyboard shortcut to return back to the parent sequence?

I do a giant chunk of my work with just the keyboard and working in one child sequence and then having to grab my mouse to click to go back to a parent sequence is very time consuming across an entire work day, any help would be appreciated!

I do not like to click the breadcrumb menu up top to return back as that requires my mouse to my knowledge!

I took a quick look through this document but did not see any shortcut like the one you are asking for. However I hope these can speed up your workflows in other ways!