UiPath Studio needed for PIP mode

Can we run the bot in PIP mode from UiPath Assistant without having UiPath studio installed in the system

Hi @uma.eswaran

Yes you can do that , have you tried the opening the option you will have like start in PIP you can use that



Yes you can either start from
Debug in studio or directly from assistant with out hving studio as well

Just you need to set the property in project settings of the required project


I have tried to use the Start in PIP option but the login attempt got failed. Even though I am providing valid credentials it is getting failed.

Is admin access required to run in PIP?


In order to run PiP on the machine you will need administrative rights. Open a PowerShell with admin rights and navigate to the UiPath Studio installation folder. From there you can run .\UiRobot.exe PiP --enable . This command will enable PiP on your machine.