Stand Alone License to Orchestrator License (with diffrent Periode)

Hi ,

can anyone help me to clarify the question.

UiPath Gave me 2 stand alone licenses (1 for attended named Studio and 1 attended named user Robot).
After a while, i also want to have an orchestrator and unattended robot.

I know when we are buying robot+studio+orchestrator, Uipath Usually gave 1 license key that includes all the products.

my question is how to integrate the previously bought attended named user with the stand alone license with the new purchased orchestrator which have 1 orchestrator license. the problem is stand alone license and orchestrator license will have diffrent start/end date.


the best solution is just create a ticket through this link

and they will give u some advise.

I did it that case many times.

thanks , i have raised a support ticket. But I still want to know,how other people solve this issue.
I think UiPath Customer/PArtner will encounter a lot of this issue.

before I raise the ticket, we consulted to our’s UiPath Partner but again, they suggested to raise a ticket.

I guess UiPath Partner has no authorized to do something technical like this.