UiPath Studio, Git, and updates in ".local" - rather frustrating

Let’s say yesterday I pushed updates into our Git instance. Someone else pulls down my updates on their side and makes changes and pushed up. All rather normal and expected when using Git. Now I want to pull down their updates … but I can’t immediately. I get to deal with this:

So changes were made but not by me. And these changes don’t show up in the project frame.
They only show up when clicking on the “Changes” icon in the bottom right in Studio. These are apparently made by Studio just starting up this morning or maybe when closed it down yesterday. Not sure which but it’s really annoying.

It’s annoying that Studio, by default, doesn’t show .local as something in the project frame on the left [where I can Undo on that folder without having to click on the Project name itself] BUT it does matter when you are trying pull updates down.

At least I’m pretty sure I need to do an “Undo” on the project name at the top to account for these .local changes.

Why does Studio do this ? It is very annoying and frustrating.

I figured out what this was. Breakpoints !!

Uggghhh … Let me ask this. Does anyone use source control to push breakpoints between developers ?