Version Control Best Practice's?

I am currently learning about GitHub Integration in UiPath to improve my skills and ensure a reliable backup of the processes. I am particularly fascinated by the “Show Changes” option in GitHub/UiPath.

I have a few questions regarding this topic:

  1. Does the “Show Changes” window also display changes made in the variable panel and argument panel?

  2. Is it possible to access the “Show Changes” window for the entire project rather than just a specific file?

Additionally, I would like to know if there are any best practice guides for integrating GitHub and UiPath. Some examples of what I am seeking guidance on include:

  1. Recommended types of branches to create.
  2. Properly documenting the date for each commit.
  3. Guidelines for writing meaningful comments when committing or committing and pushing changes.
  4. If a single developer is working on a project, how many branches should they create?
  5. Should separate repositories be used for PROD (production) and DEV (development)?

Could you provide information on these topics?

(Note: I will not select any reply as a solution, allowing people to freely contribute their own best practices without feeling restricted by a marked solution.)


Any change in xaml is reflected in show changes…it basically compares the backend xaml code and not thw activity level or the ui level code


so it will not show var and arg?


It will show the changes …if you change a var name or arg names …but it would not show like the ui related detail…it will show in the xaml code…just try changingn a name and see what difference it shows


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