Changing Code in Git, then Pushing Changes to UiPath Studio Project

So, I’m wondering if this is possible.
Basically, I have to go through all 290 trace-level logs in my project and change them to info-level. Since Studio doesn’t have a find and replace function, I’m wondering if I can change the source code in Git repository and push it “down” (so to speak) to my project.

It’s easy enough to search for these instances, and if there’s not a find-and-replace option in Git I can just copy the code to Notepad++, find and replace, then paste it back into Git.

Thoughts on this?


Open XAML file in notepad++ and then use find and replace option to replace trace with info and then open the code into UiPath Studio and check it once. If everything looks ok then push the latest code into Git.

So I know how to do that first part, but as far as pushing the code back to UiPath Studio not so much. I know how to edit and commit the code in repository, but what then? how do I pull those changes over to Studio