Integration between Uipath Studio and Git

I currently have several projects connected to Git from the Studio and when I try to change branches, some changes appear that are made by simply opening the project and that do not let me undo so that I can change the branch. Can something be done so that these files are not edited automatically as soon as I open the project since I work in different versions of Studio?

The files will always be automatically added or updated, they are the result of new features being set up because you are opening the project with a newer version of studio than was present before the commit.

I think the answer to this is more that the GUI allows you, when trying to switch a branch and it finds there are uncommitted changes that it gives you the option to do a ‘cleanup and switch’, so it does the operation to undo all the changes and switch in one action, this would solve any issues like this.

can you share with us

  • the details (which files are changing)
  • your current .gitignore file


  • These are the files that are modified

  • I currently don’t have a .gitignore file, I’m not sure what should be in the .gitignore

When I do the undo so that it omits the changes it does not undo them and continues to appear, the only option is to upload the changes and make the change of the branch but it is something that I have to do constantly and I want to know if there is some way to avoid it.


Are the UiPath versions different on different machines?

Because all the changes highlighted are generic and if you push once ideally it should not appear again


Yes, they are two versions of UiPath on two different machines. One machine is where the development or code support is done and the other is the one connected to the production orchestrator to publish the project.


Publishing should be fine…but if open of different versions of studio you might see this issue…else should be good


You can arguably just publish from the development machine and upload manually to the Orchestrator, either way I’d recommend you harmonise your version.

Please dont try to handle this via a .gitignore
I’ve seen lots of devs brute force removing a bunch of config files which makes your projects inconsistent on different machines.
These are all legit config files, as you can clearly see, its adding new tags to represent the new features present in your updated version.

I’d suggest learning abit of Gitbash to get around this as you can pull and switch branches without opening Studio.