Uipath Studio freezing


I have a robot that was working fine but it contains an invoke work flow file activity, which uses another work flow from a certain driver. Now this driver’s path is changed and i want to change it in this work flow as well but when I try to scroll down to this certain activity the studio freezes. When I scroll to any other activity it works fine but this one freezes studio. Any idea why this happens or how can I repair it?

Thanks in advance

Try these

  1. Clear Studio Cache: Clearing the Studio cache can help resolve issues related to freezing or slow performance. Go to %userprofile%\.nuget\packages and delete the UiPath.Packages folder. Restart Studio and check if the freezing issue persists.
  2. Disable Package Validation: If the workflow contains activities from packages that are not up to date, Studio might experience freezing or slowdowns when trying to load those activities. To mitigate this, you can temporarily disable package validation. Go to the Project tab in UiPath Studio, click on Manage Packages, and uncheck the Automatically update activities option.
  3. Enable Low-Resolution Rendering: If you are using a high-resolution display, try enabling low-resolution rendering for UiPath Studio. Right-click on the UiPath Studio shortcut, go to Properties, and under the Compatibility tab, enable Override high DPI scaling behavior and select System.
  4. Troubleshoot Dependencies: If the freezing issue is specifically related to the workflow file being invoked, review the dependencies and activities used in that workflow. Ensure that the required packages are installed and up to date. Consider checking the compatibility of the activities used in the invoked workflow with the current version of UiPath Studio.