Uipath Studio - Freeze

Hi dears,

Currently, we are working with UiPath Studio 2017 v1.65. on a virtual server with the followings technical characteristics Intel Xeon 2 processors, 8gb ram and Windows 2012 R2.

Since some weeks, when we want to develop or modify some activities on the automation UiPath Studio freeze and work so slow.

Has anybody experimented this problem and do you know how to fix it?




There are 2 things that I know can cause this.
—If your CPU or Memory usage is too high (check your Task Manager). You might need to upgrade to atleast 16GB of RAM cause 8GB with multiple users will not be enough.
—if your Workflow file is too large or working with complicated sequences. I would recommend keeping workflows under 200-300kb and utilize Flowcharts when needed, because Sequences can cause slow code navigation.