UIPath Studio Error



Do you have any idea about this error?
Workflow attached. @badita maybe?

Thank you,

Main.xaml (75.5 KB)

error:Hexadecimal value 0x00 is an invalid character. Line1,Position 1
UI Path studio Error

That’s a bit ugly - is it something to do with the name of the workflow or name of something in the workflow?

We had an error at Line1 position 1 previously when the upgrade caused problems, but that information wasn’t particularly helpful so don’t assume the problem is at the start of the .xaml file.



Thanks for the answer, Richard.




I think that your workflow file was somehow corrupted.
If you open with notepad++ you will see only NUL in it. Usually the file should have an XML structure.



defining a variable as return text. compiler error



Is there any way we can get the file back ?? I can see the Null when I open via Notepad++ and I am getting hexadecimal error when I open it with UiPath Studio.

Vishal Kumar


I don’t think so sorry :frowning:

Always back up your files - ideally with a Source Control tool such as TFS.