Error : Document is invalid - Workflow

I have created a workflow and tested with no issues. Later when I try to open the workflow receiving “Document is invalid” and not able to continue. Below the error message receiving. I have tried to delete project.json and no luck

Any help would be greatly appreciated.Capture1

Hi Can you please try to update your packages in manage packages.

Hi @venugopal,

I have tried with update of the packages still getting same error.

@BALASUBRAMANIAN Can you open the xaml file in any Editing tool such as Notepad ++ and check the First Line in it or maybe send the xaml file?

Hi @supermanPunch,

I have open the Xaml file in notepad++

Xaml file present with a value of “Null Null Null”

@BALASUBRAMANIAN There is a similar post regarding this error. But unfortunately I do not think there is a direct fix for this yet. Check the post below if you can find any Solution through it. You may need to explain more in detail as to when exactly it happened. Was there a system update done recently? Then we may be able to narrow down the problem.

Hi @supermanPunch,

My code development version was done community version 20.4.3 in the morning community version was automatically updated to 20.10 beta version

@BALASUBRAMANIAN Actually that happened to me as well :sweat_smile: , but I did not face such errors in any of my existing xaml files. There might be something external effecting it.


Check below for your reference

Hope this helps you

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Hi @supermanPunch,

How we can identify the exact issues and how can I recover the same file

Hi srinu,

I have tried with your link still not able to open the XAML file


Can you please run a UiPath.DiagnosticsTool.exe report and send it to me via a private message @loginerror?

You just need to search the UiPath Diagnostic Tool in the Windows Start bar > open it > then click Next > Collect > Next > Export - then save the .zip file and kindly share it with us.

@BALASUBRAMANIAN - Do you have a backup copy in any version control tools?

It’s a best practice take back up regularly when you are working on a project. Just a suggestion.

@BALASUBRAMANIAN can you please send the invalid XAML file? I know it’s full of nulls, but maybe the engineering team can make something out of it.

If you could also provide a version of that same file before it was invalidated, that would be great!

(if privacy is a concern, you can send me a direct message)