Studio Suddenly Closes - Corrupts XAML File

Hi, has anyone else experienced working in studio and it suddenly crashes; unfortunately, when trying to reopen the XAML file is corrupted as it is in complete? I tried searching in the logs for potential reasons but have been unsuccessful. Thanks in advance.

Did you move the file location recently? Does it Crash suddenly when you are running something, or when you are just working in the studio? Is it only happening with that one file, or all files?

Thank you for responding. It appears to happen when adding new activities or updating activities. It has happened on other XAML files as well. I have not recently moved the location, however with that being said for other projects the location has been different and I haven experienced the issue there as well. I checked the window logs and even looked at the resource consumption when developing in studio but nothing stands out.

So just to help us all Clarify, What you are saying is that other projects in different locations have NOT had that issue, but files in this location you’re working in now ARE having issues right? It would help if we could narrow down the issue a little bit, and that’ll help us figure out how to resolve it.

I would zip up old UiPath and rename it UiPath old. Then try to re-install it, open your xaml and see if the problem still persists.

Sorry for any confusion, the issue has happened with other projects in other locations. I will try and see if I can get it reinstalled as the environment it is currently installed in I do not have direct access to perform the re-installation myself. I will provide an update once I can get that done and tested. Thank you!

What’s the message you are getting when it stops working? Any pop up windows suggesting that it’s shutting down or something?

Unfortunately it is just the windows pop-up form when Application stops responding and ask if you would like to wait or close. I always click wait but when it corrupts it closes the application anyway.

I would try to remember if you moved any files, or invoked any workflows, or Extracted any new workflows right before that started happening. And if so, try to move the workflow, or delete it, and re-invoke the workflow file, from the correct folder. Something like that…

Can you share the xaml file ? (Private) also what version of studio you are using ?

Same happened with me. I was created a sequence file of activities in studio. one day i was working to do some changes in the sequence file. And suddenly electricity power cut. When I Restart my pc and open the studio again ? Then try to open that main.xmal file ? I got error “File is invalid”


I visited to file location manually in C drive and open the file Main.xaml … I found its has been cruppted. and only have text "NUL NUL NUL…so on. The file is attached here. Please help me to recover it. Also fix this issue in UIPath future update. Its take us to make files months. and only one second power off can distroy all our work.

Main.xaml (22.8 KB) "