UiPath Studio - Enterprise Trial Activation Failed

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I registered for a UiPath Studio - Enterprise trial and got a license code for 60 days via Email from UiPath. I also downloaded the UiPathStudio.msi and use the option “Activate Stand-alone License”. The license code is like this: 3209-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. The license code works only for UiPathStudio.msi of version 19.10.1 and does not work for UiPathStudio.msi of version 19.4.3. If I use this license code on 19.4.3, an error appears as shown in figure below.


If the License number is invalid then why does it work for the 19.10.1 installer? Could someone please clarify because we want to use both versions with the Enterprise Trial option.

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Kindly raise a support ticket with UiPath support team.

Hi @haider8645, that is correct and it should work like this. Studio Enterprise Trial is a 60-days enterprise subscription that allows you to try the latest Enterprise version releases, in this moment 19.10.

Why do you want to use both versions with Trial?

Hello Ovi, some people want to use the old version because they prefer it and are not sure to switch to the new version. I understand that this offer of 60 day trial works only with 19.10. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


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For older versions, please reach out to our support or your UiPath contact. We don’t offer Trial for older versions because some of them (like 19.4) will be out of support before a potential customer decides to buy. So there may be cases when someone stays 6 months before buying and in that time the version they decided on is out of support.

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